Movie Etiquette dot com is here to give you advice, information, and tips on how to increase your film movie watching experience. Learn how to conduct yourself in a movie theater or at home with friends so that you do not become the bothersome person in a social atmosphere. MovieEtiquette.com will set the boundaries and rules that is never said but should be.

We are a group of judges and juries on what should be the common knowledge hen going to see a flick. If you are not sure what you are doing is irritating then use our guide to see if your actions are acceptable. Develop an understanding of peoples ticks and emotions so that everyone can have a great time at the cinema.

The prices of featured films in the theater are getting more inflated each year and the film industry jobs are to pack each theater to capacity but that does not mean you you have to be a savage or deal with rude people. The more you support this site and send people to our guide the more viral being a good movie Samaritan will become.

So please enjoy our guide and let us know if there are any rules or actions you would like covered. We are passionate about making people better movie watchers!