Etiquette Corner

Angry WomanBeing rude during a movie is inexcusable now a days with media being the majority of entertainment in the United States no one enjoys spending their hard earned money on over priced theaters to have a bad-mannered person by them. There are certain movie etiquette’s that should be followed at all times. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves while watching a movie at home, at the theaters, or any social grouping.

But in most cases ungracious movie goers may not know they are being inconsiderate so here we will give our readers the correct way to conduct themselves in every style of movie setting and hopefully settle arguments while giving the gift of un-ruined entertainment. And please remember that just because someone does not say anything to you about your habits it does not mean it is not your problem, most people do not want conflict so while their anger rises because of a disrespectful patron this does not mean you are not accountable for your actions. Etiquette Corner can lead you to a happy more fulfilling movie experience if everyone can follow our rules.

It is best to follow the golden rule which is treat others as you would want to be treated. But there are other times when no good deed goes unpunished. Most of our rules apply to the Movie Theaters because you do not know the people in your surrounding and everyone has a different take on what is acceptable.


Movie Theater Etiquette Guidelines

At Home Movie Group Guidelines