At Home

At home movie watchingAt Home Movie Etiquette is fairly simple!

Your home! Your Rules! But set your guidelines before people show up.

Visiting Home! Their Rules! So always as if your behavior is okay or ask about their guideline rules.

But in most cases you should abide by the regular movie rules if you are not sure, no one wants to have a movie night ruined so it is still customary to be polite at all times. But there should be obligations on the way to make sure that you contribute to the total at home movie experience at home and away. These rules are geared for watching in a movie in a group.

When having people over for a movie night it is customary to provide the main entertainment of the night whether is is the selection of movies, TV shows, or documentaries. And always have a back up plan if you do not have a large showcase of flicks then invest in some of the online broadcast stuff through Netflix, Cinema now, or even Vudu. And always have a third backup plan in case of someone that is not able to watch a movie because of drama at home, or just having a bad day, usually the drama Queen. The best back-up plan is usually a board game or an activity that everyone can be involved and participate.

The basic home movie rules apply when watching a movie at your home or at someone else’s.

1) Be courteous and don’t put your feet on things that do not belong to you, allow adequate room for everyone can see the move and be comfortable. Tip: Doesn’t hurt to have a fold up camping chair available when you visit someone else’s home, better to be over prepared than under.

2) When the movie is going don’t talk and enjoy the movie film, unless it is common knowledge that it is okay within the group you are watching a movie with, that it is okay to comment, joke, and speak during the movie. Usually it is okay to have fun and talk when watching cult classics that the whole group has seen before. But follow the same rules that would apply in a movie theater and be quiet.

3) When visiting another home always bring something with you to contribute to the whole experience. Easy great ideas are usually food snack products or other movies that you think the group would appreciate. Tip: Bring a few bucks just in case you might need to pitch in for food. 

4) At the end of the night always be helpful and clean up or your movie night might be short lived. When visiting someones home, when the day or night is being wrapped up, always offer help to clean up or help put things away without being asked.