Be Courteous

Super NachosWhen going to someones house for a movie night always be courteous and if it is a persons home that you have never been too make sure that you know your place as the guest. Most people take people coming over to their home as a special occasion so they will cook, clean, and even go out of their way to make sure you have a good time. So be responsible and be a good visiting guest.

When you go to someones home first make sure that once you make your entrance you ask about your shoes in the home. Some homes do not allow shoes so before you go galloping across their clean carpets ask first. Also never come empty handed and have a couple of bucks to pitch in for food. Great things to bring over to someone else’s home are drinks, food, snacks, and maybe a few DVD or Bluray movies that you think people will enjoy in case the movie selection does not agree with everyone. Always think ahead of time and be prepared to have something with you.

Don’s suck up all of the room and space if you know more people are coming do not sprawl across a couch and assume people will ask you to move, remember most people do no like conflict and always make room for others. And please do not put your feet up on anything that looks like it is not supposed to be stepped on, this include coffee tables, and stools. Another great idea is to bring a extra chair or even a bean bag with you so that in case there is not enough seating you can volunteer more seating or have your own ready to go.

Enjoy the company, introduce yourself to people you do not know, and relax and enjoy your at home movie night while being courteous.