Be Helpful

Woman Cleaning UpBe Helpful! Unlike a movie theater, going to a friends house saves money but it is a lot more work for the person living in the home. Usually before people come over to any residence there is cleaning, cooking, and preparing. So when you get there offer help right away and if they refuse there is no reason you can’t follow them around a little and help them pick up and carry objects, or any project   they might still be doing when  you get there.

If food is offered make sure you do not make a mess, and if food is ordered make sure you donate to the cause.

And the last thing before you leave is to offer help to clean up. This is the most important thing because after a  long day or night of movies no one ever wants to do the clean up. But if everyone pitches in an helps the time goes quick and everything is done spic and span style in a matter of minutes.

Even if your host refuses never leave before the home is clean and always be over bearing about asking to help sometimes people generally do not ask for help but it does not mean they do not want it.