Movie Theater Etiquette

Movie_TheaterMovie Theater Etiquette is important since you are in a social environment it is best to be on your most outstanding behavior. Movie goers only have one objective to watch a great movie and to enjoy the best picture and sounds available. When block  busters first release hundreds of thousands of people rush to the ticket stands and get in line as fast as possible to get a great seat.

There are some movie patrons that forget how to use manners and are completely rude, most do not even know they are being disrespectful. Here at our Etiquette corner we have developed guidelines that all movie fans can follow so that everyone will have a great movie watching experience.

Movie Theater Etiquette has a list of simple rules that everyone can follow:

Cutting in Line: Cutting in line is one of the most rude things a patron can do especially if the movie is a premier showing and other people in line have been waiting hours or even days to see it. Some people will send one person to wait in line for them and then come only a few minutes just before the line is allowed in the theater, this is unacceptable.

Saving Seats: Saving a few seat for your friends while they get drinks and food is a nice thing to do but make sure most of your party is there and only allow a few people to go at a time the best rule is 70% sitting down and only 30% of your party is off to the bathroom or getting food. There is nothing worse then one person saving 10 seats.

Taking a Seat: Find seats that are perfect for you but be aware of your surrounding if it is a premier movie then there is probably nothing you can do since it is going to be a packed house. But if you are going to a Movie that has been out for a while and there is room all around the theater there is no reason why you need to sit right next to anyone or directly behind anyone give people around you their personal bubble space and Enjoy the extra room.

Young Children: If your kids can not follow any of these rule here then they should not be able to go to the movies, if you have small children bringing them to a theater is not a good idea and possibly harmful to their ears. It is not a constitutional right to bring a baby into a Theater.

Kicking Chairs: Putting your foot on the back of someones chair is not acceptable especially if you move around a lot. No one wants to feel your feet kicking the back of their chair or you putting pressure on their backs.

Turn off Cell Phones: Unless you are an ER doctor on call there is no reason for anyone to have their cell phone on or texting. A phone call in the middle of the movie is irritating to everyone in the theater. Texting during a movie seems harmless but the bright light most screens give off are distracting to everyone behind you almost like a beacon light it is very bothersome.

Talking: This should be common sense but in case you do not know you should never talk during a movie. Even if you think you are a comedian do not be discourteous and comment on the film as well, if there are things you want to talk about during, then take it outside or wait. People did not pay for a Movie Film to hear you, please don’t distract them.

Chew With Your Mouth Closed: Learn to be a human being a chew your food like you were taught, or if you didn’t know it is very obscene to chew with your mouth open. It also creates a lot of sound if you are eating popcorn, or chips. When you chew with your mouth open everyone in the first three seats in front of you can hear your gums chomping.

Coughing: Another very common thing to do but some do not know is to cough. Cover your mouth while you are coughing or cough into your shirt no one needs your saliva spray all over them, especially if you bring children into a Theater make sure you want their habits. If you have a virus or flu just do not go to a Theater Movie at all, that is just self centered and mean.

Strong Smells: Before going to a movie make sure you have your BO (Body Odor) in check. If you wear cologne or perfume keep it to a minimum scent overpowering smells can also be distracting during a movie. Imagine if everyone had foot stench in a cramped theater.

Don’t Be a Slob: Do not throw things all over the place just because it is someone else’s job to clean up after you. A big reason why ticket prices and food prices go up in theaters is because they need extra man power to clean up after other patrons. Be polite and after the movie bring your trash back to the entrance where a trash can is waiting for you.