Children & Kids

FamilyYoung children & kids will always be a problem at a movie theater for the people who want to enjoy a nice quiet movie without their chairs getting kicked, crying, or even the child who just learned how to speak and have decided to let everyone know that they know how to use their voice. But with the correct parenting and rules the incredible annoyance of children at a theater can be quelled.

For movie viewers, if you are going to a movie that is an all ages type animation or featured film you are going to have to expect that children will be present. There are a few ways around this which is going to late showings so that limited children are present. Or go during the weekdays that you know school is in session.

If you are a movie goer with children then you will have to make sure that you take the responsibility assigned to you as a parent and keep your child or children on their best behavior. Babies and young toddlers are not suitable to go to a movie theater and should be banned because their behavior is so unpredictable whether it is crying or potty at any given time. Plus it is proven that the loud sound systems in most movie theaters can damage ears that have not been fully developed yet, so as a health concern please do not bring very young children. Most people who bring very young children into a theater feel that it is a right, not a privilege to watch a movie so unfortunately when someone does do this they are only thinking of themselves and not for the safety of heir children or other patrons comfort.

If you are bringing your kids to a movie you are going to have to give up your complete concentration on the movie and watch your child to make sure he/she is not being a nuisance. The most common problems are talking, chewing loudly, kicking chairs, fidgeting, and screaming. Since most parents have become accustom to these problems at home it is easy to become immune to these behaviors. But that does not mean the people around you are immune as well so keep a strict guideline on your youngsters so they do not bother other patrons who cane to enjoy the movie as well.

For movie goers who are being bothered by a child make sure you keep your anger inside and be polite. Ask the parents or guardian if they could help, there is no point in tell the kid because it is not their fault, the fault is actually with the adult they are with. Also some people do not want you speaking to their kids and may become defensive or offended that you are telling their child what to do, always start with the source, that source being the parent.