Don’t be a Slob

Garbage SignA disease that is messing up the United States is the inability to clean up after ones self. People just do not care about their surroundings anymore whether it’s flicking cigarette butts in the streets or leaving cups and cans in a parking lot. Don’t be a slob! With movie ticket prices skyrocketing a good part of that is the extra man power that each theater needs to keep theaters clean. After Each movie an excess of 3 people need to clean up a medium to large sized theater working 15 to 20 minutes before the next showing what this means is that theaters need to hire extra staff to clean up a slob’s mess. This relates to movie theater ticket pricing going up!

It is easy to NOT be a slob, first of all just be well-mannered and keep your mess to a minimum the usual treat at a movie is popcorn, candy, and a soft drink. When eating popcorn take your time and enjoy smaller hand full that will not drop in your lap, pull the candy out of the box instead of pouring it down your throat, and use a straw for your soft drink. It is that easy.

Once the movie is over, most movie theaters will have a trash can waiting for you when you exit the theater. If they do not have a trash can waiting for you then make your way to the lobby and there will be canisters waiting for you there.

Keeping your theater clean will keep your theater looking nice for years to come, act like it is your home and please pick up after yourself.