Kicking Chairs

Stop kicking chairs in movie theaters.

Stop kicking chairs in movie theaters.

When you sit down at a movie make sure your feet are planted on the ground and do not rest them against or touch them against the seat in front of you. This is one of the most bothersome things you can do, as well as one of the most inconsiderate. If your feet are resting against the chair in front of you any time you twitch, move around, or even lean over, the person sitting in front of you is feeling that pressure and it can get very annoying. This is very popular with small kids where their legs are not long enough to touch the ground and end up in resting on the seat in from of them, since younger children do not know that this is rude and being squirmy in their seats, all this does is aggravate the persons whom seats they are kicking.

The other thing that goes in tandem with this rule are people who put their feet up on top of the seat in front of them. The same thing happens when your feet are planted on top of the seat when you move your legs around everyone in that row can feel the back and forth pressure because the seats are all connected together. Plus if there is someone in an adjacent seat below they can probably smell your feet, which even though you personally do not think your feet smell it doesn’t mean that they don’t.

Unfortunately if you are a victim of the seat kicker your only option is to ask NICELY if they can please stop kicking your seat, and if it is a younger child you must ask the parents or adult guardian they are with, and again NICELY. This also concurs with people with their feet on top of chairs next to your face, make sure you are being considerate since not everyone knows how to behave in public. Your second option will be to move from your seat into another row, but this is more inconvenient to you and should not be your responsibility but if you are non-combative or have a short temper this might be your best way to quell the situation and hope that the next seat you go to it does not happen again. The last option is to ask a Theater Usher to resolve the situation which can get sticky but you must think in you head that you paid to watch a movie not for an unwanted vibrating seat.

For you seat kickers out there, please keep your arms and legs in your own seat. One of these days someone will get their revenge on people like you and it is going to be a blood bath. If you have young children that have this problem you should be a parent and watch over to see if they are aggravating others.