No Talking

Annoyed WomanThis has been on biggest problem in movie theaters, when people are talking during the movie previews or during the feature film. We still do not know why this is a common problem but we think it is because of insecurities of that person. Here are the different types of rude film talkers:

The Foregner: The movie they are watching in not in their primary language so they take someone who can translate during the whole movie.

The Comedian: Obviously you are not good enough to be on stage so please do not practice your material while people are watching the film. Turns out no one paid good hard earned money for your comments. Not everything is a joke and no one needs to hear it.

The Commentator: much like the comedian no one needs a play by play of the movie if you need to comment keep it to yourself you are not Al Michaels.

The Repeater: These are people who repeat what was just said on screen. Guess what everyone in the theater already heard it, we do not need people like this to make sure that is what he said. Poly need a cracker?

The Confused: People who are always confused on what is going on in the movie, unless it is a movie like the Usual Suspects wait until the movie is over if you have a question more likely if you watch more you will figure it out.

Kid Talk: If you have kids and you bring them to the theater make sure they stay quiet, just because you as a parent have gotten used to their annoying whining or random talking it does not mean everyone else has. Either keep your children in check or leave them at home.

Loud Breather: People who breathe really loud might not know they are breathing at a high decibel, if it is someone in your group or your friend save them the embarrassment of someone else telling them their nostrils whistle or grunt.

The Chomper: People who can not seem to eat with their mouth closed, this is gross all around. No one needs to hear the popcorn or ships you are eating through out the movie, again if this is a child the parents should be ashamed.

If you are receiving these kind of people during a movie there are only three things you can do. Ask NICELY for them to stop talking or chomping, and if it is a child ask the parents NICELY for them to stop. You can always move seats but that itself is annoying since you sat in the seats you are in for a reason. If asking them to keep quite doesn’t work you are going to have to have the courage to ask a movie usher for their help.