Strong Smells

Woman plugging her noseStrong smells or odor can be just as disruptive in a theater as talking, kicking chairs, or cell phone rings. The United States is absolutely addicted to smelling nice or staying away from smelling bad. If you suffer from body odor please make note of that before going to see a movie so that no one else will suffer through a movie smelling your stench. This also goes for people who use and over abundance of fragrances to make themselves smell better if you are not careful with the amount of perfumes or cologne that you put on then this can also be over bearing to other people nostrils.

The appropriate thing to do when you are going to see a movie is to wash yourself down in a bath or shower before leaving your home and to wear or wash with a very mild fragrance that does not have an over powering scent.

Some fragrances can give other people headaches and might even induce vomiting, the same goes for people who have massive body odor.

Be kind to the people around you and make you you smell clean, instead of a stripper or dirty bum.