Be Early

Time WatchWhen going to a movie it is always good to be early to find a great seat and even be the first in line. Movie lines are unpredictable so to be early for a movie is imperative if you need certain accommodations or seating arrangements. The most common practice is to get to a movie about 30 minutes before the movie starts and your most safe bet is to get there an hour early if the film is a popular premier. Also if you travel early you will lessen your blood pressure of worrying if you are going to be on time or not. And always leave time room for finding parking space, buying your movie tickets in a line, and getting your snacks. When people rush there is always a wrench that get thrown into the machine, when you have a hundred people rushing to the same location for a movie this can be disastrous.

If you are the type of person who needs to have the perfect seat in the house then making a habit of going early will insure yourself a great seat.

If you are leaving in a group it is always good to leave early because a group of people are always unpredictable, they might need to get ready, or use the restroom which can take upward of a half an hour so take charge and organize the group so you can follow through with a plan.

A great idea is to leave extremely early and check out a business that is within walking distance to enjoy or for a bite to eat. If you eat before the movie then this may save your wallet a little more since you will spend less on the over priced popcorn, soda, and candy.

It is easy to take time for granted so become a time warrior and manage your time wisely.