Dress For Comfort

woman comfotableWhen going to a movie theater dress for comfort and not for looks. The first thing you need to establish before selecting in ensemble is what the weather is like and prepare for the worst. So depending on what the weather is like will determine what kind of clothes you can be wearing for ultra comfort but make sure you are not dressing like a slob, just comfortable. At home it might be acceptable to wear the sweat pants with holes in them or the shirt with food stains but try your best not to be an eye sore.

Most sports wear are designed for extreme comfort since most people who wear sports apparel need the extra comfort or athletic stretch so that is a great place to start. Something loose, breathable, and softness is the preferred choice.

For men you should be looking for athletic sports shorts, sweat pants, Athletic shirts, sweater, and/or T-shirt.

For women our list can go on forever but stick to the classics such as sweat pants, loose medium length skirts, athletic shorts, tank tops and sweaters.

Shoes will also be a huge factor, the most obvious choice would be sandals or open toes shoes but if you have any type of foot odor or your footwear does please refrain from wearing them since the scent will be trapped in the theater for the next few hours. The most common choice should be a good padded relaxed tennis shoe.

Obviously if you are going to a movie and you have a pre or post engagement most of these tips do not apply but you can always heed these tips and take clothes with you. Also if you are on a date or significantly important engagement then you are also stricken from the tips since you will probably need to dress to impress but think about what you are wearing before you go and how well-fitting your clothes will be while you are sitting for 2 hours in a warm or cold theater.

If you have any type of ailments that prevent you from sitting too long then invest in a good back support or bottom support pad and bring it with you. This does not have much to do with your clothing but it is a part of the overall being comfortable in a theater experience.

So before going to any movie always dress for pure comfort and enjoy your show.