VIP Members

happy vip club memberIf there is a movie theater you go to often then make sure you do your research and find out if they have a frequent watcher club or VIP membership. Some of the larger companies such as AMC theaters, or Regal theathers have frequent buyer cards that collect points and will offer you free food, free movie tickets, and even monthly prize drawings. Develop a relationship with your local theater this way every time you go you are adding up your savings.

It is also a great idea to check out your local newspapers and mail advertisements for your theater and track any extra coupons or saving toward your club membership. Developing a relationship with your local movie theater can be the best thing for any Movie Fan!

As a side note there are also club memberships for third party movie ticket dispensers like fandango or moviefone. These companies are third party ticket systems that allow you to purchase your movie tickets online so you do not have to wait in line to buy your tickets some of these style companies also offer VIP club memberships for repeat businesses so take advantage of incredible savings.