Pacific Rim Comic Con Poster

Pacific Rim Comic Con Poster

In the distant future of earth aliens come from a rift in the deep Pacific Ocean to destroy Earth. But the monsters were not prepared for Earth to fight back. The Earth already has a plan intact… The
“Jaeger” program.

The Jaeger Program are pilots who pilot giants Mechs (Mechanical Suits) to defend our planet.

That’s right! GIANT ROBOTS AND MONSTERS BATTLING IT OUT!!! What is not to love already.

With director Guillermo del Toro at the helm of Pacific Rim or Pac Rim you know the monster will be ultra creepy. The special effects look fantastic and the basic story seems sound so as long at the writers don’t bog ths up it is sure to be a fantastic adventure ride into Sci-Fi.

Hopefully if this movie succeeds we can look forward to more types of movies like this such as Symbiotic Titan, Robotech, or our favorite Voltron.