Riddick (2013) Directed by David Twohy

Riddick Movie Poster 2013

Riddick Movie Poster 2013

Riddick is left for dead on a sun scorched planet and find himself on an alien planet and looking for a way off he activated an emergency beacon for rescue. Two ships show up, on carrying a new breed of dangerous mercenary and another captained by a man from Riddicks past. Plus there is overabundance of man killing aliens that only come out at night.

It has been a while since a new Riddick movie has come out and this one has promise to give exactly what people want a new hybrid of people trying to capture Riddick as well as a new stronger style alien that is reminiscent of the original Pitch Black movie.

The new cast comes back with the original favorites such as Vin Deisel but also tags along Karl Urban, Dave Bautista, and Katee Sackhoff.

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