The East (2013) Directed By Zal Batmanglij

The East 2013 Movie Poster

The East 2013 Movie Poster

The East Movie Film (2013) is Directed By Zal Batmanglij.

A group of domestic terrorist decide to use an “eye for and eye” tactic against powerful and rich people and corporations across the United States. If a person or company has poisoned people they will poison them back, if a person has hurt people financially they will hurt them back financially. The group call themselves the East and they have announced they will attack 3 of the largest corporations in America within the next 6 months.

One person has been given the opportunity to infiltrate this group and destroy them from the inside. But this group has higher values then this person had imagined and will have to make a choice whether to dismantle them one by one or join them.

This film already has an all star cast: Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgård, Brit Marling, Patricia Clarkson, Shiloh Fernandez, and Julia Ormond. The story is very intricuit and movie goers who believe the corporations and people in power are destroying our country will absolutely love this movie, hopefully the storyline can keep people interested.

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